Our Menu

——————– Number appearing after item is price ——————–



Steak or Chicken Nachos 11          Steamed Artichoke MP          Wings of Fire 11
Chips & Salsa 4          Fried Shrimp 9          Chicken Fingers 9
Mac & Cheese Bites 8          Shrimp Cocktail 9          Potato Skins 8          Onion Rings 8
Combo Appetizer Platter #1     Chicken fingers, Chicken Wings, Potato Skins     14
Combo Appetizer Platter #2     Chicken Fingers, Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings     14


Nelly’s Salads

Add grilled chicken breast 3.00, add shrimp 4.00.
Choice of dressing: Bleu cheese, Ranch, Thousand Island, Italian, Caesar, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette, or House.
House Salad     tomatoes, feta cheese, walnuts, black olives      9
Caesar Salad     parmesan cheese, bacon ,croutons     9
Fried Chicken Salad     eggs, bacon, tomatoes, cheddar cheese     11
Cobb Salad     turkey, ham, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, avocado, blue cheese crumbles     11
Tuna Salad     scoops of white Albacore tuna salad, tomatoes, eggs, carrots, red onion, on a bed of lettuce     10.5
Chinese Chicken Salad     grilled chicken breast, crispy wontons, almonds, green onions, bean sprouts, Mandarin oranges, Oriental dressing     11
Spinach Salad     eggs, bacon, red onion, pine nuts, tossed with pesto dressing     10


Soup & Combos

New England Clam Chowder
Soup du Jour
Monday: Navy Bean with Ham
Tuesday: Chicken Tomatillo
Wednesday: Chili
Thursday: Split pea with Ham
Friday: Albondigas
Cup 3.5         Bowl 5
Bowl of soup with a small house salad     8
Half a sandwich & bowl of soup or small house salad     9
Available half sandwich choices indicated by ♣ next to the name of the sandwiches below


Durty Sandwiches

Served with choice of french fries, coleslaw, cucumber salad, fruit, or cottage cheese
Served on choice of bread: wheat, rye, sourdough, or french roll (served on sourdough unless otherwise noted).
Additions: Swiss or American cheese 0.50, Cheddar, Pepper jack, or Provolone cheese 1.00
Bacon 1.00, Avacado 1.50
Sandwiches below with a  symbol next to them are available as a half sandwich to be served with
a bowl of soup or small house salad as listed above    9
Corned Beef     hot corned beef & mustard on toasted rye     9
Reuben     corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and thousand island grilled on rye bread     9.5
Turkey     sliced turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo     9
Turkey Melt     sliced turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, tomato, and thousand island grilled on sourdough     10
Roast Beef     roast beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo     9
Tuna     tuna salad, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo     8.5
Tuna Melt     tuna salad, American cheese, tomato, grilled on sourdough     9.5
BLT     bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, on toasted bread     8.5
Ham     lean sliced ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo     9
Grilled Cheese     American cheese grilled on sourdough     8.5
Grilled Ham & Cheese     lean sliced ham and American cheese grilled on sourdough     9
Vegetable     sliced avocado, tomato, cucumber, bean sprouts, and choice of cheese on wheat bread     8.5
Club     sliced turkey, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo layered between three slices of toasted sourdough     10
French Dip     hot sliced roast beef piled high, Swiss cheese on a French roll, served with au jus for dipping     10
Grilled Chicken     sliced grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo on a French Roll     10
Steak Sandwich     ribeye steak cooked to order, with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, on a French roll     11


Gourmet Pub Burgers

Burgers come with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and thousand island spread
Additions: American or Swiss cheese 0.50;   Cheddar, Pepper jack, or Blue cheese 1.00;
Bacon 1.00   Avocado 1.50
Served with choice of fries, coleslaw, cucumber salad, fruit or cottage cheese.
Hamburger     8.5                    Turkey Burger     8.5
Patty Melt     hamburger patty, American cheese, grilled onions, thousand island, grilled on rye bread     9.5


Nelly’s Famous Entrees

Fish & Chips       This classic favorite is made with a large filet of Icelandic cod, deep fried in our own famous beer batter to a light, crispy golden brown, served with French fries and coleslaw
one of our most popular dishes! 
Fried Shrimp     six large, golden fried shrimp, served with French fries and coleslaw     16
Shrimp & Cod Combo     Our famous Fish & Chips accompanied by three large, golden fried shrimp     16
Grilled Cod     topped with sautéed tomatoes, onions and mushrooms, served with the vegetable of the day and mashed potatoes with brown gravy     14
Corned Beef & Cabbage     tender, lean, juicy slices of corned beef with fresh steamed, buttery cabbage and boiled Irish red potatoes     14
Shepherds Pie     hearty combo of ground beef, onions, mushrooms, peas and carrots, blended together and topped by mashed potatoes, brown gravy, melted cheddar cheese, and grilled tomato slices     13
Irish Stew     succulent cubed beef, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, seasoned to perfection with herbs, in a delicious broth made with Guinness of course!     13
Bangers & Mash     two Irish sausages topped with grilled onions, served with the vegetable of the day and mashed potatoes with brown gravy     13
BBQ Ribs or Cajun spice-rubbed Ribs     five tender, big and meaty beef ribs topped by two onion rings, served with French fries and coleslaw     12
Beef Stroganoff     tender sliced beef in a rich cream sauce served over noodles,
topped with a dollop of sour cream
Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken     pasta with creamy Alfredo sauce, topped by slices of grilled chicken breast, served with garlic bread     11


For the Wee Ones

For children 12 and under.
Served with French fries or fruit.

Hamburger 6                    Grilled Cheese 6
Cheeseburger 6.5                    Chicken Fingers 6
Fish & Chips 8


Side Orders

Coleslaw 3.5                 Fruit 3.5               Cottage Cheese 3.5
Cucumber Salad 3.5                  Potato Salad 3.5
Basket of French Fries 4



All desserts are 5
Topped with a drizzle of chocolate sauce & whipped cream
Cheesecake                     Tiramisu
  Ice Cream                    Carrot Cake
Chocolate Mousse Pie